Stan Sorenson - Jazz Guitarist

What if you could hear a multitude of music woven together with an abundance of lyrical threads in a tapestry of various genres?

What if you could see and hear the process of brain meets fingers meets strings in engaging, frenetic arrangements and dazzling technique?

You can.

Stan Sorenson - Solo Jazz Guitar

Stan Sorenson and Jazz Prose
An Eclectic Collection of Jazz Ensembles

During his performances, Stan blends a variety of musical styles and songs with traditional jazz sounds. Cool, Be-bop, Latin, Rock, Reggae and today's Contemporary Jazz are combined to create his unique flavor. Stan's wide-ranging repertoire includes original compositions, jazz standards, and Django Reinhardt compositions, as well as drawing on modern classics by Sting/The Police, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Steely Dan, Stone Temple Pilots and Green Day to name a few.

Jazz Prose is Stan's backup group, which can range from an acoustic bass player to a five piece jazz ensemble including saxophone. The various configurations may also include a percussionist for the Latin Jazz sound.

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